Greg & Melissa Stanaland

“Leaving the states and heading to another country that’s halfway around the world is nothing short of intimidating. The fear of not knowing anyone, being vulnerable, and basically putting your life in someone else’s hands can cause some serious anxiety! Our first trip to South Africa was a whirlwind of emotion from the time we left the states. However, we had no idea the calibre of people we were about to meet that would subdue all those fears. Roland quickly became like a long lost brother and eased every fear we had going into this new experience. We quickly realized this was a first class operation with top notch staff and accommodations along with exceptional animals. The Stirling team literally handled everything and provided a true South African experience like no other! We went from the fear of the unknown to trying to figure out how we could live there! The Mahne family has truly become part of our family.
Flashing forward to 2022 after several trips to Stirling I can guarantee Roland and his team will do absolutely everything possible to make your dreams come true and give you and adventure like no other!”