Chad Henneke

It can only be said that our safari experience with Roland was amazing and more than we expected.  We chose to go with Roland based on recommendations from a friend who had been to Africa multiple times and highly recommended Stirling Safaris.  In the end, we could not have chosen a better Professional Hunter as Roland is a top-notch hunter and guide. 


Once we set up the hunt, Roland kept in constant contact with us throughout the year leading up to the safari.  This was above and beyond as he would call late at night his time just to make sure we had everything we needed for the trip.  Once we arrived, his personal service walked us through the airport and took care of the gun retrieving process.  This experience was flawless. 


The actual hunting was the best I have ever seen.  I have to admit that Roland told me NO on so many animals, as he has very high standards, this resulted in us harvesting high end trophies.  My wife, who has never hunted in her life, joined me in this lifelong dream of a hunt and she enjoyed herself immensely.  She took thousands of pictures and videos and was able to get the true safari experience.  My wife has both knees replaced and has had two back fusions, so she has physical limitations.  Roland was aware of her abilities and took care of her the entire trip. In the end, Roland was able to put her on a huge Kudu and she harvested her first animal ever – in Africa – in a dress and pink tennis shoes!  What a memory as we have the pictures of the Kudu before and after. An absolute experience of a lifetime.


The accommodations were very nice and the food was great.  We were able to tailor the food choices to what we liked as well as partaking in what the chef provided with some of the best meals I have had.  The nights around the fire recounting the experience of the day, discussing the next days plans and most importantly the open conversations about life. 


All this being said, Roland treated us like family.  His entire family (Mom, Dad, Brother, Wife etc) all came and spent time with us. This was not an experience where I was just a client or a paycheck.  They sincerely wanted us to have a great experience and took the time to get to know us at a human level that only family would do.  After my experience I now have a new friend for life as Roland and his family will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  I can’t wait to go back and spend time with my friend and of course go on another world class hunting trip.