Bruce Martin

“This was my first safari/hunting trip to Africa. It has been a lifetime desire/goal of mine to hunt there. I chose Stirling Safaris based on strong recommendations from numerous trusted and experienced friends I’ve met through the Alabama Chapter of SCI.

What I was blessed to experience with Roland and his team far exceeded my expectations- “in Spades”! As I reflect and try to understand “why” it was truly so awesome, I asked myself, “what was it, that made it so unbelievably awesome?” Was it:

  • The incredible beauty and peace of the Kalahari? (Which I loved and needed!)
  • The incredible variety and abundance of totally free ranging African game? (non-fenced – totally free range Africa)
  • The 5 star accommodations and food/drinks?
  • The complete professionalism and skill of this PH operation?
  • That all my goals were accomplished?
  •  The MANY amazing hunts and stalks – HUNTING?

As I reflect further I realize that all of these things were definite factors, but that the joy and adventure I experienced was really all about “who I did it with”, and “how we did it.”

And that’s all about Roland Mahne. Roland is absolutely the seasoned Pros Pro that I’d hoped for, but he is so much more than that. He is a genuine, happy, hearty, soul whose love/passion for hunting (and life) possibly exceeds my own!

The moment we agreed on this safari, It was as if two blood brothers had just embarked on an amazing adventure together – both 100% committed to “it” and “each other”. Roland’s passion, honesty, humility, PH skill, determination, adaptability, sense of humor, and genuine joy for nature and the hunt made it a dream experience for me. I love to hunt! Roland and Africa reminded me just how much I really do, and how much I always have!

As we got further into the two week safari, I realized that while Stirling Safaris is a “business” that Roland owns and operates, that his “Core Competency” is not about running a business. It’s about a genuine, 100% focus on the hunt, our hunting goals, hunting hard, hunting well and properly, harvesting only trophy game, and giving up everything possible, for us both, to achieve our goals on the hunt.

And we had a BLAST together! Seriously, Roland seemed as happy or happier than me when we were able to take game! And he finds and judges game so well! And he WOULD NOT let me shoot anything that wasn’t a legitimate world class trophy. And I was totally fine with that. That’s what I wanted. And that’s what he does! To that point, everything we harvested made SCI record book (topped with three Gold and three Silver trophies). Wow!

I remember when I first spoke with Roland on the phone while planning this hunt he said;  “Bruce, come to South Africa and we’ll make some amazing memories!” Boy! Was he right about that! Roland is a true “Gem” doing and loving what he was put on earth to do. Hunting with him was an amazing blessing for me and without a doubt one of the best and most memorable experiences I’ve ever had in my life!”